The main objective of the project is creation of training modules for four grades of education in wine growing and wine processing and provision of wine products as basis for development of the Slovak Wine Academy in Pezinok. The training modules will be credited in line with the education system ECVET and will be valid mainly in the project partner countries, i.e. in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.  It is expected that they will be certified also on the EU level. The training modules will be basis for a new EU certificate for training in wine growing and wine processing.


The specific project objectives are:

  • introduction of a system (transparency) into the vocational education in the area of wine growing and wine processing
  • further strengthening and maintenance of the cultural heritage of vineyard regions as well as support and development of tourism in Slovakia
  • support of international cooperation in this area via  establishment of an international team of experts
  • testing of the training modules in practice through organisation of training sessions

Project activities:

  • creation of an effective international project team
  • revision of situation in the project partner countries in the area of vocational education in wine growing and wine processing and elaboration of national reports
  • elaboration of a comparative report of countries involved in project
  • creation and finalisation of training modules testing of the created modules in practice
    development of a multi-lingual dictionary of wine growing and wine processing terminology
  • preparation of documents required for accreditation on the level of all partner countries
    preparation of required documents for accreditation on the national and EU levels
  • development of publications, leaflets, brochures, organisation of seminars, conferences, training activities, business trips, project web site and other dissemination activities

Project  outputs/products:

  • reports on situation in vocational education in individual project countries
  • one summary comparative report
  • training modules of vocational education in wine growing and wine processing
  • multi-lingual dictionary in wine growing and wine processing
  • training activities for testing of created modules
  • reports from modules testing
  • 1st report, one Progress Report, one Final Report
  • documentation for accreditation at national and EU level
  • one common internet website
  • e-platform for professionals on-line forum in the sector of wine growing and wine production
  • training modules in national languages prepared for accreditation
  • training modules in English prepared for EU accreditation
  • printed advertising materials, leaflet

Target groups:

  • SMEs in the wine area sector
  • Entrepreneurs in the wine area sector
  • Teachers in the wine area sector
  • Students in the wine area sector
  • Public administration in the wine area sector
  • Private experts in the wine area sector
  • Research representatives in the wine area sector

Social partners in the wine area: relevant chambers, employers organisations

Project partners:

Weinakademie Ősterreich, Austria

Slovak university of Agriculture in Nitra (Slovakia)

Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry in Brno (Czech Republic)

AJS Management Slovakia s.r.o.
Dobrovského 8, 814 76 Bratislava, Slovensko
Tel./Fax: +421 2 5296 4072
Mobile: +421 903 446 121

Project koordinator:

European Wine Knight Status Pezinok - EVIRS, Pezinok (Slovakia)



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